Friday, 21 June 2013

BBQ'd Panini

Is a panini called a panini because of a panini press?
Good question!
Well, regardless- I am calling this delicious sandwich a panini.

This doesn't get much easier, you're basically making a version of a grilled cheese and cooking it on the BBQ. The ingredients can be whatever you have on hand. I like to try out different cheeses- my favourites are swiss cheese or an Italian blend (both pre-shredded).

In my version from lunch the other day: Italian blend cheese, tomatoes, white onion, yellow peppers and Canadian Rye Bread (so perfect for these sandwiches)

- Outside: add margarine or butter to one side of each slice of bread
- Inside: add mayo to one slice and then layer cheese, toppings, cheese

Keep the BBQ at a low, even temperature to toast and not to burn.
The tricky part is flipping the sandwiches over. Slow & steady wins the race here and keeps all your toppings inside. Trust me on this one...