Friday, 3 May 2013

Rubber Boots & Ribbon. A DIY.

I have not owned rubber boots since I was a kid and this year I knew I would be puddle jumping with Anna so I decided to buy myself a pair. They were nothing special and honestly I bought them because they were the cheapest pair I could find. I knew I would be adding ribbon and bows so I knew even the ugliest boots would look cute.

Here they are before.
I punched holes down the back by folding the back of the boot in half and punching holes with my crop-a-dile. I then cut a decent length of ribbon and laced it through the holes. I finished off by tying a bow. Easy and adorable. Anna told me they were beautiful. Agreed. 

To get a more "finished" look, you can add eyelets through the holes and then your ribbon. I however am not worried and I love them just like this. 
Total DIY time = 15 minutes. 

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Awesome DIY. Cute boots! Cute bum...wink!