Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Photo taken Friday on my drive to work using the timer app... 
at a red light... I realize that would be illegal... as my loving husband pointed out....

Time: 12:44am
Eating:  Nothing
Reading: The Happy Herbivore Cookbook
Watching: Bones
Creating: Finishing up a custom scrapbooking job (should really be doing that but yet here I am)
Thinking About: I haven't had any alone time with Cory since April 13 and that makes me sad
Wanting: a slice of cheese pizza or maybe a grilled cheese or maybe cheese whiz on toast (can you tell I haven't had cheese in over 2 weeks)
Wishing: I had a blog post written for Blissologie
Forgot to: send out work emails 

1 comment:

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Cheese...stupid delicious cheese. I also haven't had any in awhile, but I don't seem to miss it. You will be very proud of me to hear that I have had many no-meat meals this week! But I am headed home to "as big as my hand" burgers tonight. Yeah...everything in moderation, right?!