Monday, 13 May 2013

Anna @ 30 months

Loves the park.
Sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star all day.
Loves her baby! do not leave home without it
Counts to 12 (still has trouble with #5).
Loves to run and tell me how fast she is.
Almost always has a smile across her face.
Loves babies.
Dislikes getting ready for bath time.
However... loves to bath.
Loves Little Einsteins on Disney Junior.
Loves freezies and popsicles.
Loves to craft and cut up paper.
Asks if I'm upset and then says she knows how to make me feel better and then she sings.
  She truly amazes me.
Loves to find shapes and a triangle is her favourite.
Would live outside if I let her.
Asks so many questions... so many questions. Is deep in the "why" phase.
Tells me to go faster when I take her on my runs.
Loves french fries!
Is so proud to tell me she is a big girl. 
Tells me "It's a beautiful/nice day outside everyday."
I could take a lesson from her and how she sees the world.
Is wearing a toddle size 5 pants and shirt... and even then sometimes the shirts are too small.
Is getting so big.
Loves our cats!
Uses the back step as a stage and "performs" for me.
Casts spells with her magic wand and is beyond excited when her abracadabra turns me into a puppy.
Loves to dance.
Says please, thank you & bless you almost always.
Constantly tells us she loves us.

We love you more than words my sweet girl.

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

This is an AWESOME LIST!! I love it so much! I should look back for some of them I made for Dude....probably aren't many!