Monday, 22 April 2013

Let's Go Fishing DIY

I can not even tell you how excited Anna was when she found out I was making her fish so she could go fishing like her Daddy. It was a constant "are you done?are you done?are you done?" until I had the first one complete. I can't say I wasn't just as excited as she was to see how it would all turn out.
I can remember playing a similar game at a church penny carnival when I was little and I had seen an image on Pinterest awhile back so when I got the urge to create something fun for her I knew this was it. We made a quick trip to Lowes for supplies and then home to dig through my fabric left over from quilts and pillows. The total cost for supplies from Lowes was $11.85 & I have cord and magnets left over. I had craft eyes but these can be picked up from dollar stores or craft stores.

fabric (I used scraps I had from past projects)
rope or cord (mine=braided nylon cord)
magnets (reasonably strong)
batting or something similar to stuff fish with
craft eyes
paper (I used a 6x12 piece of cardstock)
glue gun
stick pins
sewing machine or needle & thread

Step 1: fold paper in half and trace fish body, cut out

Step 2: You need 2 pieces of fabric. Place your fabric right sides together and trace your fish

Step 3: stack your batting and fabric, pin together

Step 4: Cut out

Step 5: take out your pins and put your bottom piece of fabric down, then the batting. I have added in a couple pieces of scrap batting to add bulk to my fishes body

Step 6: glue one magnet onto the batting. Place magnet far enough into the fish body to allow for sewing.

Step 7: Put top piece of fabric on and pin fish together.

Step 8: Sew, leaving a quarter inch seam.

Step 9: glue an eye to each side. Repeat for all fish needed.

Step 10: Cut a decent length of cord, mine is a little longer than Anna is tall, plus some to wrap around the dowel. 
Step 11: Add glue to your dowel and wrap cord around.

Step 12: Add glue to magnet, add cord, glue other magnet on top. The magnet themselves stick together but will pull apart when removing the fish if you do not add glue.

Step 13: GO FISHING!!!!

If you have any questions please email me at or leave a comment.


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

That is so cute! Just like daddy...I love it!! Dude plays on the laptop, "just like daddy", but it's not quite the same ;)

Candace said...

you are the best Mama. And Anna is so blessed to have you. Lovely idea.