Friday, 8 February 2013

Inspiration Kit: Part 2

 This is more of the work I created from my inspiration kit from Treasured Memories. In the end I had 3 layouts, 1 card and a mini book. Not too shabby.

I love a mini book!
 I had a bunch of leftover 4x4's from a Christmas project I created and wanted to use them up and knew I wouldn't make layouts of them all so this simple, fabulous mini book came to life. 
How to make one for yourself:
- cut up 2 pieces of cardboard/chipboard @ 4.5 x 4.5. These are your front & back cover
- cover both sides of each with cardstock or pattern paper
- cut up a bunch of 4x4's from pattern paper & some cardstock
- using 4x4's (I print mine at London Drugs) mount most pictures back to back
- mount other photos to the 4x4 pattern papers and cardstock you cut. These will be embellished to add a little flair/wow/dimension/pretty to your mini
- punch holes through all pages and covers
- add rings to hold together
Here are my pages for you to use as inspiration!
(Keep in mind that this mini can be created using whatever size of photo you have.)

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Candace said...

I manhandled this little baby the other night in person. So awesome and simple :) Great job.