Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello November

November goals

- throw a 2nd birthday party
- add Christmas cards to my Etsy shop
- make more Christmas Cards
- teach 6 classes., 3 left
- create 2 advent calendars decided on just 1 & 1 of the chocolate variety
- start a Cat in the Hat quilt
- be more patient, working on it... still working on it
- organize project life (must go hard in December) work in progress
- plan Christmas projects / crafts
- make an Elmo cake
- go to the gym more (Giant Fail, I did however start doing yoga in the morning)
- go to bed earlier
- stay on top of my work
- make more to do lists (they keep my focused)
- go on a date night 
- call my Grandmas
- print more pictures
- scrapbook... for me!
- cuddle more
- have more bubble baths
xo Nadine


Candace said...

Those are some pretty awesome goals. Hang out with Candace more should be added as well.

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

K. I cannot believe Candace beat ME to commenting here! Argh! MONDAY MORNINGS!!!!

And yes, your goals are awesome! How about we add hang out with Candace AND Lisa more! HA! Maybe even together!

(I used just enough exclamation points here, didn't I?!)