Sunday, 18 November 2012

Around Here: A Second Birthday

The blog has been pretty dry lately but nothing turns things around like a party.
Anna turned 2 on the 12th- two! Where does the time go? We celebrated with Cookie Monster cupcakes and presents on Monday and today we had a party for her. Gramma. Papa, Auntie Lyndsey, Uncle Mike & Brayden all came up from Stettler to celebrate with her. She had a lot of fun and got lots of love from Gramma & Papa.
Anna woke up to this on her birthday morning.

She loved it!

New paints.

She blew candles out for the first time and it was so very exciting... for everyone.

A visit from Auntie Karen and a new Minnie doll, among many other goodies.
 Karen has four boys and buying for a girl is a lot of fun.

I made an Elmo cake for her party today.

It was a small party but that did not mean I was going small on decorations.

I made this sign post and bought this "Anna Street" sign from this Etsy shop.

A fun wreath I made for the door.

I made garland by punching a bunch of coloured circles and sewing them together.

Loving her cake!

Loving her Papa.

I can't even tell you how much I love birthdays. 
I hope Anna always knows how special her day is and that I never stop making the twelfth of November the most magical day for her.


Candace said...

Wow, Anna is so lucky to have such an amazingly crafty and loving Mama for the rest of her awesome life. Looks like she had a magical day :)

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

That looks like it was the BEST DAY EVER!! She's a lucky little lady...