Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Decorations Make Me Happy

I love garlands, they really do make me so very happy! I made these two for Treasured Memories. I have classes to make for them but making these was way more fun so I skipped out on actual work! The white pom poms are made with coffee filters, many coffee filters. The colored flowers are made from cone coffee filters that I glimmer misted with 3 of the new colors- so many amazing colors are available now. If you want my top picks, try these- Coral Reef, S.W.A.K., English Ivy, Caribbean Blue, Tattered Leather & Crushed Shells. I want them all but these will have to do for now.This past weekend was delightful! We went to see The Wolfman on Saturday, I really liked it. Anything with Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, etc is usually good in my books. My Mom & Dad came to the city on Valentine's Day and took us out for lunch, we ordered in pizza and movies for dinner. Then on Monday Cory repainted our bathroom, the new color & decor makes me happy, happy!
I have layout and project deadlines looming and lists upon lists of classes that need to come to life so I should have lots of pretties to share soon. Pop over to Riff Raff and check out their new shapes, so many wonderful designs! I have also been working on a new project with Chantel & KC over at Treasured Memories, we're working out all the kinks right now but it will be very exciting! Think make n' takes, discounts, punch cards, double stamps and tons of inspiration! Are you curious? Keep an eye open for Show & Tell! ;-)
I'm off to get some work done! Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Love your new signature for the bottom of your posts :)


Tanis said...

do you have instructions on how to make the huge white pom poms? They are beautiful and I would like to try and make them.
Thanks so much.