Sunday, 10 January 2010

Random Bits

What kind of side show am I running here? This is what I find on my kitchen table... Dear Charlie, Cats don't go on tables! Thanks! Love, momma
One picture that irks me and another one that make me oh so happy! I hung lights above our bed (thanks for the inspiration Jenice) and it feels like magic! Not such a great picture but I love going in there at night when the lights are on, it's so pretty!

This past week was full of first for me. I finally put my inner critic aside and submitted some layouts to various scrapbook calls. I'm not even worried if they do or don't pick me, it felt so good to just do that! In fact, I submitted 7 different layouts- whoa!!! This was a pretty big deal for me and I'm pretty proud of myself. First step is always the hardest. I also didn't just try one new recipe, I have tried 5 in the last 10 days. I made BBQ chicken and made the BBQ sauce from scratch, I made a tomato, basil quiche- Yumm! I made a rustic basil pesto pasta- with pesto from scratch. I then tried a creamy tomato and steak pasta and last night I made a mushroom stroganoff. It has been so fun trying new recipes! I'm not sure what's on the list for this next week but it may just be a bit tame in comparison, I have 7 demos due by the end of the week and as per usual I haven't started a single one... I work best under pressure. It allows me no time for judging so I do the work, no thinking, just creating. ;-)

Have a great week friends!



FormerlyLisaS said...

from scratch stuff always tastes the best! When Russel cooks he pulls all the spices off my spice rack and things always taste amazing!

good luck with the layouts...they'd be crazy not to love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nadine, When you come into the store tomorrow I have a great picture to go with yours :)


Jenice said...

Love the lights... don't they make your room so cozy yet romnantic?