Monday, 5 October 2009


Whoa! Is that real? I was having a bit of a "uneasy" feeling about turning 31. I didn't feel like that when I turned 30, but the crazy voices in my head were chanting... you're on your way to 40. I decided that I was going crazy and told those voices to FO so that I could enjoy my birthday and all the celebrations and friends that I was lucky enough to be with. Sometimes when we say things out loud to our subconscious it feels oh so good!!! Try it!
I had the most wonderful week and thanks to Cory a super fabulous weekend! We went to Jacks Grill on Friday, the environment was a touch too hautey tautey for me but the food was unbelievable!

Here's the most delicious birthday dessert I have ever eaten! HEAVEN in chocolate form. Picture is from Cory's cell phone so not very good quality.

My birthday haul! Hello!!! check out my new killer wallet! It rocks!

And then there was this little treat that left me crying. Cory made me (you heard that right) this sign for my scraproom. He bought wood, letters & stain and made me this on his lunch breaks and after work. This man even went to flyerland and printed off the Michaels coupon for when he went to the store. Are you kidding me? I was speechless, and then I started crying. I truly think I am one of the luckiest girls in the world. We may not be rich, we may not own our own home or have the luxury of traveling around the world but I have him and I don't need anything else. Well maybe a baby.............
I see great things for the next year, for all the 365 days of my 31st year!


Jules said...

You're 31???? I would have never guessed that. I thought you were like 27, you look hawt for your age!

That is super cute, I hope it was a fabulous day!

Veronica said...

happy birthday!

FormerlyLisaS said...

happy birthday! im glad you had a fun day!