Monday, 28 September 2009

One year under our belts...

Cory & I celebrated our 1st anniversary this past weekend, and it was wonderful. We had no agenda, no plans and as always when we do that we have such a great time. Saturday we went to the farmers market, did some shopping, had Fife n' Dekel sandwiches, went and saw District 9, had dinner at the Keg and then hung out at Indigo. Sunday we had our french toast breakfast, went for a walk down at the Legislature grounds and the river valley to take some pictures, then came home for movies, football, dinner and a piece of our wedding cake. A year later it was still yummy. I was a bit on edge about eating year old cake but it turned out to be just fine. Here's some of the pictures we took yesterday.

This might be one of my favorite pictures of us! The willow heart is from the Strathcona farmers market- $4.00!!!

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FormerlyLisaS said...

that heart is so very rad! I need to get back into going to the Farmers Market. This week is the last of our MillWoods one, so maybe not having one close by wil be the kick in the pants I need to wake up at the crack of 7 on Saturday and make the drive over! The boys like it because it has both of their favourite things there: food and more food!