Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hello Spring!

To me there is just something so wonderful about tulips. Perhaps it is the sign of a fresh start, a new beginning or maybe it's just that every time I walk into my kitchen they put a smile on my face.

Earth Day- Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check out to see how you can be a part of saving our extraordinary planet.

Want to see a movie following three families, the polar bear, the whale and the elephants. Then go this Earth day for the release of Disney's Earth. The trailer gives me goose bumps! And it's all for a good cause as a portion of the proceeds from this movie go to saving the planet! Check out the trailer:


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Jules said...

I totally want to see that movie. But I might be the annoying one in the theater that gets all excited when the duckies come if you hear some squealing when they come on you know i'm in the same theater!