Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Under the Weather

I kind of feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth, no contact with pretty much everyone I know. Am finding my days a little mindless & monotonous. Trying to figure a way out of that cuz it ain't pretty there. Doesn't help that I am at home fighting off a sinus cold... ugg, although I am starting to feel better. Just not good enough to do anything- which leaves me bored and anxious. So here's the top ten things that make my day:

1. advil cold & sinus!!!
2. kleenex with lotion
3. vicks
4. herbal secrets
5. naps
6. my quilt
7. chicken noodle soup
8. peppermint tea
9. cuddles from my cats
10. staying in my pj's all day



Veronica said...

Feel better

Kara said...

I told you girly....try a nettie pot!!! I did the other day and it helped heaps!