Thursday, 5 March 2009


I t pains me to type this (almost literally) but I have been given the word form my doctor and chiropractor- tendonitis. I have tendonitis and it is super sucky! I have had flare ups before and always wrote them off as they went away within a day or two tops. I have had my latest for almost 6 days and it seems to be getting worse. What does that mean for me? A few things, writing more then a few sentences is hard and painful, typing is uncomfortable and scrap booking is pretty much a big fat “don’t do”. I made invitations to my girlfriend’s baby shower, I got 8 done and thought I’d have to cut my hand off. I had to modify the design and pushed through the last bunch to get them done. That was yesterday and today I came to tears it is over the top irritated!! I have to miss yoga until it feels better and take it easy at the gym- hard to believe something, just one thing can make it feel like your way off life is coming to a complete halt. It leaves me feeling frustrated. I’m suppose to give it rest until it stops hurting then we can work on prevention- I do not plan on having surgery! I got an ultrasound done on it by my chiropractor and that made it feel so great. I wish I could take the machine home. I go back tonight. Anyways, that’s my pout. No scrapbooking from me- doesn’t mean I can’t go shopping. Hee hee.


Veronica said...

{Hugs} I hope your hand starts to feel better soon! and you'll be able to get back to scrapbooking without any pain!

Jules said...

Oh thats bad....I think i'm with you on this one though its either that or carpel tunnel - I sure hope it gets better for you!