Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hello 2009

The New Year is here and I have a very good feeling about 2009. This is the time of year that we make those resolutions, some we hang onto, some are forgotten by the time February rolls around. I choose this time of year to reflect on what I would have done differently and what I am going to do to "grow". Grow as a woman, grow as a wife, grow as a friend, grow as a creative person, grow spiritually, grow as a working woman, grow mentally- I could go on. I don't usually set resolutions, this year I will be sitting down and going over my goals for this year and for my future. Going over my goals, my values and my dreams. Where do I want to be?

I bought a book for myself and Cory this Christmas- 5: Where will you be five years from today? It is published by Compendium, I found it at Starbucks and now I can not find it anywhere but it is hands down the best book I have ever got my hands on! In it it asks you what your personal mission statement is and I have really been thinking about this one. Walt Disney's: My mission in life is to make people happy. Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google: My mission is to collect all the world's information and make it accessible to everyone. Now those are big shoes to fill but they did just what they set out to do which is exactly what I want, to create a mission statement and bring it to life. What is your mission statement?

Every New Year for the last 3 years I have chosen a word to be my word for the year. The word that I focus on and try to live by. I started this after I read about it on Ali Edwards' blog, one little word can be incredibly powerful, check her post out here. My word for this year is commit. Commit to all the goals, values and dreams that I want for myself. I often struggle with commitment, sometimes it's a scary thing. Not anymore!

I see great things for 2009! Happy New Year Friends!


FormerlyLisaS said...

Last year my word was trust...and even just going through the act of choosing a word was really beneficial for me! Now I have to find a really good word for 2009!

waywardsoncamehome said...

My goal is to live life as unselfish as possible and to love others more than myself. May you be blessed in 09'

A Modern Proposal Event Planning said...

Happy New Year dear! All the best.