Friday, 20 June 2008

getting butterflies in my tum tum.....

Do you ever think that "things" just sneak up on you? You think to yourself: "I have plenty of time to get that done..." Then before you know it times up and you're scrambling to get things done. I talked to my mom the other day about my wedding dress which lead to discussions of time and then I realized it's summer, the summer always goes by way too fast, then it's September and September will go by uber fast and then before you know it it will be the 27th and then.......... *wedding tune playing in my head*........... aughhhhhhhhhh! Deep breath! 14 weeks friends, 14 weeks, that is not alot of time! So much to do, now I have everything on a LARGE to do list but I need to actually do my to do's! Deep breath! 14 weeks- focus Nadine! Focus!
Thanks for taking the time to listen to the crazy voices in my head!