Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hello there, good to see you again.

It has been a long two months since I last posted. For the most part I was sick. I had a cold that wouldn't go away mid February and then on February 29 Anna came home from school with the flu. By 7pm that same day I knew I had it too. Not how I planned to spend our extra day! I also wasn't expecting to have that flu and a million other illnesses for over a month. Poor Anna missed so much school, Cory had to miss work to care for us and I pretty much didn't work for the whole month of March. Thankfully I can say now that I am symptom free and only have a few metal reminders of how crappy it all was. Poor Anna still has viral hives (whatever that means) but fortunately feels like champ. Somehow Cory escaped all of it, not even a sniffle. 

What have we been up to? 

- Laying on the couch for days gave me a lot of time to think but that thinking was anything but positive and led me to a very dark place. I realized I was so full of anger, anger that for the most part was being bottled up. I have began dealing with that (and so much more) by journaling, talking it out loud, getting active, doing morning yoga and intention setting. It's helping and allowing me to see things, people and my situations more clearly. Work in progress. 

- Anna was awarded a highflyer award for kindness from her principal. I was a very proud momma.

- Cory entered a Jui Jitsu tournament and received gold in both his fights. Very proud wife. 

- Anna has an energy and light about her that oozes magic. I am so grateful to be her Momma.

- We took a impromptu trip to Canmore and breathed in the mountain air.

- We celebrated Easter back home. These kids are the best! 

- Cory celebrated his birthday! 

- I went on a much needed retreat with some friends. I scrapbooked, ate way too much food, got to sleep though the night and watch these amazing sunsets.

- my hard drive died (basically blew up) and I lost everything from the past 3 years. Both Disney trips, every holiday, photos of my dad, playschool & kindergarten and all the magic moments in between. I cried for days. I found lots of memories saved on Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog and just like that I was grateful for technology again.

- I am making a very conscious decision to "take care of me", do what's right for me, put me first. It's hard and I feel guilty. However when I do put me first and bid the guilt farewell I feel so much better. So much more alive and happy and everyone around me benefits from that. Paying attention to the energy that I bring to the table has been high on my intention setting list. 

- New hair. I had not had my hair professionally colored since my wedding in 2008. That seems a little far reaching but seriously, I can't recall having it done other than that. 

- We have been spending as much time as we can outside enjoying the sunshine.

- Anna asked to try riding her bike without the training wheels. It was frustrating, exciting, sad, scary.... and that was just me (ha ha ha). She did great but I have a feeling she will be taking this whole bike riding thing slowly.

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Mrs. K said...

Hey Hey! Thanks to Lucas' weird coordination disorder, we had a hard time teaching him to ride his bike. Russ found some cool tips online including finding a HILL and letting him ride down the hill just to practice balance. No steering or pedaling. And it was a game changer.