Monday, 20 April 2015

Camp He Ho Ha Getaway

Two weekends ago I headed out on my first scrapbooking retreat with the most wonderful group of ladies. I didn't know what to expect, I packed WAY too much stuff and I had such a great time! The location is about 45 minutes outside of Edmonton beside a beautiful lake. The weather was beautiful (minus a wind storm) and we were able to get outside and take in the scenery each day (and a few million selphies). I was there from Thursday afternoon to Sunday and it was SO great to have me time. I quickly realized that I need to do this more often, not necessarily pack everything I own but to get away and enjoy the quiet and stillness of not having any responsibilities. I can't even remember the last time I was away from Anna and from Cory- 2007! When I stopped to think about it I couldn't believe it. I was clearly due for this sort of adventure.
I admittedly had a hard time getting into the creative spirit. I spent the first day organizing but that was OK with me, I love organizing. I could have just walked around and sat and listened to all the stories all weekend... and ate Skor bar bites. I ended up getting 14 layouts complete and they were for me... not for a deadline or a class or a project. That was a big wow for me.
I can't thank Cathy enough for organizing this for all the ladies that attended. I know how much work it takes to organize a group of ladies and I am grateful I was included.

our dorm

the craft room



selphie after selphie

Candace, me, Karen, Lisa, Alison, Annette

a lot of silly and a lot of laughs

the whole gang

catching magic sunsets


Kathleen Ruelling said...

One of the teachers at my girls' school organizes these retreats a couple of times a year (at the same lake, I think)...and she is always inviting me, and I'm always declining. I think I need to change that after seeing these pictures, and just go do it. Thanks for sharing this!

Candace said...

this was the best retreat ever!