Monday, 26 January 2015

Valentine Mimosas

Valentine's day is right around the corner & on a Saturday this year so that means one thing in our house- Valentine brunch! No brunch is complete without a delicious Mimosa so Cory & I painstakingly took the time to test three combinations to share with you. (obviously not painful at all, insert wink here). 
We also make a kid friendly version for Anna... juice and fruit in a champagne flute. She loves it.

The Very Berry XOXO
1 tbsp frozen berries (we use raspberries) in bottom of glass
champagne: fill to half
berry juice: fill to top
add berry garnish
(pick from Dollarama cupcake set)

The Traditional
champagne: fill to half
orange juice: fill to top
add orange slice for garnish

Strawberry Kisses
fill bottom of glass with strawberry puree 
or 2 mashed strawberries with a touch of sugar
champagne: fill to top
add strawberry for garnish
(this one has a kick to it, drink after you've eaten something)

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Candace said...

So I pretty much and sleeping over on Feb 13th, move over Cory!!