Monday, 15 December 2014

Body Art with Ink

Last Tuesday I went to meet with Steve at Kamakazi Ink to get a new tattoo. This is my fourth but it is the biggest and the one that holds the most meaning for me. This design was created as a tribute to my Dad. I knew exactly what I wanted and Steve brought it to life. My Dad hunted, my parents house has many mounts a few sets of antlers that are beautiful and that he was proud of. The antlers were a must in my design. The roses are the flower for June, that was his birth month so I knew they would be perfect as the centre. I sent Steve images of what I liked and had in mind, explained that I wanted it to be feminine and beautiful and he worked his magic. 
I love it, it is way bigger than I had imagined but after I saw the stencil on my arm I knew that I wanted it that big. It took just over 2 hours and for the most part the pain was pretty minimal. I only winced a few times. It is healing great... other than the being super itchy part. 
I can't say thank you or recommend Steve enough. 

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