Monday, 18 November 2013

A 3rd Birthday Party

This is a large post, full of birthday celebrations and lots of photos (be warned...). Anna turned 3 last Tuesday and we threw a party for her the Saturday before that. I rented a pre-school playroom with slides, castles, things to climb, things to throw and padded walls. It was loud LOUD! But it was also SO fun! She had 8 friends at her party and was so excited to play! After the playroom we had food and cake in another room. She was so happy, although I know she was quite concerned when everyone helped her open her presents and she definitely did not want anyone playing with them... being 3!

I made all the decorations... I'll talk about that in a second.

She is getting so big!

Personalised loot bags for the Minnie's & Mickey's
Oreos transformed into Minnie.
I made that number 3 cake and let me tell you... it was no easy feat to ice.

Make a wish!

Monday night, after she had gone to bed I decorated the living room for her birthday. 
I had bought a bouquet of Minnie themed balloons, she has a bunch of Minnie toys & stuffies that I was able to use as decor but everything else was handmade.
- the Minnie paper rosette
- the hanging rosettes all had different things for the centres like a number 3, or an A, or a heart or a Minnie head. 

This banner was so simple but I just LOVE it! I bought two colours of crepe paper, cut a long piece and tied them onto a ribbon, I also used gold tissue paper folded over the ribbon and stapled in place.
I cut out the number 3 onto cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo and then traced it onto thick gold glitter paper (the Silhouette could not cut that) and hand cut the number. I then adhered it to a 12" scallop circle also cut with my Silhouette and stapled it into place on the ribbon.

The banner was created with letters I cut with my Silhouette, I then sewed the letters together.

We hung streamers in her door and balloons in the hall. In the morning I woke up to "Hey guys! Hey Guys! Hey guys! I think it's my birthday!" SO GREAT!

She got a power drill that lights up, turns and makes real noises- this was a hit!
We ate birthday pancakes and then headed off to Build a Bear. She made a cat, named her Kitty Kitty and dressed her in a sparkly tutu. This experience pretty much made her day!

Opening her tool box with the help of Kitty Kitty, another big hit! This girl loves to "fix" things!
Being the birthday girl is tough and she passed out hard the second we got in the car to get groceries for her birthday dinner.

Anna didn't want her cake, instead she wanted ice cream with candles and that is exactly what she got. You can see by these photos how she feels about us signing to her. xo

I love birthdays! I go over the top and it makes me so happy because it makes her so happy! There isn't a feeling quite as wonderful as when she cheers for decorations or candles or special wrapping paper. I want her to always know how special she is and how I will do whatever I can to make her day extra EXTRA special!

Did I mention I love birthdays?


Stacey (Quance) Roberts said...

Nadine, you really are such an awesome Mom! I can hear you telling this story and see the excitement on your face. I am glad the world has such wonderful happy people like You. Your little girl is very lucky to have you and she looks like she is just as special! xo

Kelly Malacko said...

I LOVE this! I need to step up my birthday game because this looks fabulous! I've actually been thinking about ways to keep Emma's first birthday from getting lost in the Christmas shuffle (she was born on Dec. 28) and this post was super inspiring! Thanks.