Thursday, 30 October 2014

California Adventure: part 3

We started day 3 in Disneyland and immediately went to meet Mickey & Minnie. By mid day on Day one we realized that the Characters were always in the same spot day in and day out and if I actually read the map it says where Characters will be right on it and what times they go there. You won't know who but it will always be someone wonderful.
Meeting Minnie was pretty exciting for Anna.

Then came Mickey and I captured this AWESOME expression! 
The Best!

She also met Chip & Dale and Goofy- who was just that- completely goofy. He signed his name on the back of his head and Anna still talks about how "crazy" that was.

We headed over to Pixie Hallow to meet Tinkerbell. Sometimes you think "What is taking so long?" when you're waiting in line but then when you get in there and realize it takes a little bit longer because these characters spend actual time with each kid- this makes me so happy. Tinkerbell was teaching Anna how to fly as we were heading to the Dumbo ride next. So great.

After we rode a couple rides in Disneyland we headed over to California Adventure. We purchased "park hopper" tickets which allows you to go back & forth between parks. 

We rode my favorite ride- Grizzly River Run and got soaked, we rode Ariel's Undersea Adventure, and then stopped for a picnic. We hit up Target on day 1 for snacks and veggies so we weren't spending as much on food in the park. A daily stop at Wetzel Pretzel was a must however. The picture of Cory with the Sword & the Stone is from later this day when we went back to Disneyland. (we did a lot of walking this day)

We went to Cars Land and checked out Radiator Springs! You Guys! This place is amazing! We met Mater & Lightening McQueen, had our photo taken at every professional stop and drank an insane amount of water- it was +40. 

As I mentioned in day 2 of our adventure we had the photo pass and were able to pose for all the photographers and not worry about choosing. Here Anna was too busy eating ice cream so Cory & I had to have all the fun without her. I loved going through the photos and seeing what they added into the photo after the fact. 

Riding the Radiator Racers ride was a must on my to do list, we waited 35 minutes for this ride, it was the longest we waited for anything and it actually wasn't that bad, even in the heat. The ride was awesome! All three of us loved it!

We headed back to Disneyland as we had a reservation to meet Elsa & Anna from Frozen (I'll talk about reservation lines in a later post). Anna, of course, was super excited! 

After dinner & a few rides we went back to California Adventure (park hopper pass = awesomeness) to end our day with The World of Color show and a few more photo ops. 

One word: AMAZING. 

I included the link to their site for you to read about it if you'd like, it is a must see.

Today was a long, amazing day. Anna fell fast asleep and Cory & I took our time heading home, enjoying the warm evening and perhaps another stop at Wetzel Pretzel. 
Until next time...

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