Monday, 12 May 2014

Being Anna Rae. Age: 3.5

 - you love to make new friends
- your favourite word seems to be "no"
- you turn everything into a competition and are not ok to come in second
- you "read" me & dad stories and they're always elaborate and wonderful
- you love to sing
- you love to play "I Spy"
- you are stubborn and have a will so mighty it can not be broke. I pray you keep this when faced with   peer pressure.

- you are all about Momma, and always need to know where I am or where I am going
- you love to come to work with me and pretend to have customers
- you tell me you love me at least 20 times a day and tell me you could give me kisses all day long
- you LOVE princesses and Cinderella is your favourite
- your vocabulary is astounding! Some days you say things and I have to ask you where you heard that   and you always tell me that Papa told you.
- you often use Papa as a scapegoat when you get in trouble. "Papa said I could do that."
- you always tell me you got your dance moves from Daddy

- you love to dress up
- you want to be involved... in everything.
- your feelings are easily hurt
- your heart is gigantic and you are incredibly compassionate
- you love to be outside, especially if the neighbour friends are outside playing and you love to invite         them over
- you struggle with listening to me, I know you hear me but you choose not to acknowledge. This can   be very frustrating.
- you love to talk and talk and talk and ask question after question after question
- you are very curious about how a baby gets out of a momma, I tend to switch the subject
- you hold my hand and stroke my arm and my heart swoons
- your favourite colours are pink and purple

- you love your cousins and talk about Brayden & Morgan all the time
- you love the Frozen soundtrack and can sing the songs without it playing
- you practice snapping your fingers often and are getting really good
- you love to paint your fingernails and anyone else that will let you, you're actually really good at it
- you love to write your name and are curious about how things are spelled
- you love to craft and make cards and then pretend to mail them
- you tell me daily that I am beautiful
- you are a constant inspiration and I learn from you daily.

3.5 can be so very challenging but it is also pretty amazing. I am so grateful that you're mine.

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