Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Around Here: sickness, medication and laying around

One minute I was enjoying the sun and the next I was sick and have been for 10 days. It happened that fast. I had a nasty virus, then got Pink Eye, then a sinus infection and now today I am drinking Gatorade & Ginger Ale and eating crackers.  Pretty crappy and pretty lame. I don't do sick and rest very well. I am pretty miserable and a lot grumpy. On the plus side, Anna has gotten to spend a lot of quality time with her Daddy over the last few days. They've gone swimming, out for ice cream and to the park so that I could lay around and sleep.

I have been reading and checking out blogs and Pinterest. Lots of ideas and inspiration flying around my head.

Today I was thinking about funny Mother's Day gifts / wishes for myself. Here's what I came up with.

- I would like to go to the bathroom without anyone wanting to come in and watch me.
- I would like to pour a cup of hot coffee and finish that cup while it's still hot.
- I would like to sleep through the night more than once every couple of months.
- I would like to walk down the hall without bending to pick something up or stepping on something and hurting my foot.
- I would like to only make one meal for breakfast, lunch & dinner instead of two each.
- I would like to shower without anyone trying to golf in the bathroom while I'm in there.
- I would like the bedtime routine to take less than the 1.5 hours it takes currently.
- I would really like a blender.

Times and ideals have certainly changed haven't they. I am grateful everyday for her, her energy and her feisty personality but I really would like to go the bathroom alone. ;)

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Kathleen Ruelling said...

My mom was hit with that nasty bug, too - 10 days, and she had everything you did, except pink eye. Yuck.
I hope that you have a very happy Mother's Day! :-)