Thursday, 24 April 2014

Around Here: Easter

This past Easter weekend was lovely, it was one of those weekends that I crave but don't often experience. It was full without being overwhelming. I was surrounded by friends and family and got my fill of snuggles. We ate delicious food made by my Mom & Dad. We told my Mom that this was the best carrot cake she ever made and she laughed because we always say that but we mean it each time. The weather was wonderful. It was beautiful & relaxing and I am grateful! 
Morgan is the sweetest and loved to chat with me. I could just eat her up! Brayden is playing hard to get and I had to force a snuggle out of him. My Dad is back at work and better than new and man is that AMAZING. My Mom is pretty happy to have "normal" back.
I drove away on Sunday and thought to myself how blessed we all are. We got home and the Easter Bunny had left Anna a little something here too. She saw a basket and a hidden egg and exclaimed "The Easter Bunny came to Edmonton too!!". It was pretty much awesome and the perfect end to the weekend.

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