Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Today you are 3.

I can not even believe how fast time goes by.

You are 6 months old in the photo below, it feels like yesterday.

Today you are 3.

You are wildly independent.

You love to give compliments.

You are quick to correct us when you think we are wrong.

You are ridiculously logical.

You love peanut butter sandwiches.

You have an amazing imagination.

Your memory blows me away some days.

You love when I sing to you.

You have been trying to wiggle a tooth loose so the tooth fairy will come.

You  love to tell stories.

You get frustrated easily.

You have started watching the Disney movies and love The Lion King.

You love to run, play "soccer", duck duck goose, tag & hide and seek.

You love decorations and decorating.

Your favourite meal is meatballs & rice.

You love french fries, popcorn, chocolate milk, grapes and pancakes.

You love building forts.

You can throw a pretty amazing tantrum.

You just need a good cuddle to fix those bad days.

You love dressing up.

You are very competitive.

You love your baby and we can't go anywhere without her.

You love when I use coupons... "they're just like saving money".

You love when Daddy takes you swimming & to Jiu Jitsu. 

You say "I love you." a lot and you mean each and every one of them.

You love Starbucks dates.

You make our hearts so very happy.

We love you Anna, forever & always. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Mommy & Daddy


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

This is beautiful Nadine. Happy Birthday Anna!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna! I can hardly believe you're 3 years old. Your mommy and daddy love you so much! You three are a wonderful family!
I hope we see you soon at the store. I miss not seeing you, and always look forward to your sweet smile. I hope you have an awesome party!

Love, Nancy

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!! Man, Nadine, you are awesome with words! :)