Monday, 14 October 2013

I Am Grateful

This past weekend we drove back home to my parent's to have Thanksgiving. We ate a delicious dinner, ate a plethora of desserts, cooked breakfast alongside my Dad, had eggs Benedict for breakfast, drank wine, met my nephew's new miniature pony Maggie, Anna rode Maggie & took her for a walk, chased the neighbour's dogs from the yard, watched chicken's run around, cuddled / smothered my nephew Brayden, bounced in the bouncy house, devoured a large jar of my Mom's home made pickles (that was just me, I needed no help). It was a wonderful weekend.

I am Grateful.

For "I Love You's" from Anna and the tiny kisses that follow.

For hugs in Cory's arms and kisses on the forehead.

For a body that does what I tell it to do.

For waking up every morning with the chance to try again.

For my Dad, his sense of humour, his teasing, his pokes in my ribs as I walk by.

For my Mom, her amazing cooking, her appreciation for home made, her love of holiday decorating.

For my Micheal, Lyndsey, Brayden and Baby W.

For my dear friends. 

For owning my own business and being able to work from home.

For a home.

For make believe and princess costumes.

For a passion that helps me remember through photos & words.

For laughing.

For red wine.

For three very hairy fur babies.

For time to myself.

For coffee.

For popcorn.

For handmade gifts.

For people that remember what is important to me.

For my blog, it's readers and your comments and your silly emails.

For books & magazines.

For a pay cheque.

For cheese ;-)

For texts just to say I am thinking about you.


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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Baby W, eh? Congrats to Lyndsey and Mike!

I was thinking of you as we drove through Steller to (and from) Drumheller this weekend.

This is a lovely list. You should scrapbook it!