Monday, 8 July 2013

Around Here

 We're in full potty training mode over here and some days it can be completely exhausting for both Anna & I. She was also on a listening strike so the days seemed extra long last week, things are looking up since Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed. Last week was pretty low key- work, playing at the park and potty training. We have some fun plans for this weekend and I am thinking between work and getting ready for our adventure this week will fly by! Happy Monday Friends!

I had a little ladies night last week with two girlfriends. 
We hit up an Earls patio for drinks and sunshine.

Anna & I have been going to the River Valley for a run almost everyday. I pack her baby's stroller and when I'm all done my run when she's done yelling at me to go faster, she takes her baby for a walk. Pretty sweet.

Anna's perspective- driving out to our annual Wolansky family BBQ.

Anna, Papa & Brayden.
These two LOVE their Papa!

Anna & her Baba. Baba just wanted hugs, hugs and more hugs. Anna wasn't so sold on that idea!
I look forward every year to this BBQ. We never see anyone any other time of year so it is a nice treat. This year we were celebrating and wishing safe travels to my cousins family who is moving to Korea for three years. Wowza! Safe travels Widmarks!

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