Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Studio/Office Tour

This room is my favourite. It makes me all kinds of happy when I walk in and I'm very grateful that I get a space like this. 

Last year I walked into our yard and told Cory that I wanted to move our bedroom into our unfinished basement and turn our master into a studio. I wanted to work upstairs, have a window and lots of bright light. 

He looked at me and said when do you want to start. What a wonderful man. I ran in the house and started packing! Within two days I had moved in and we moved our bed to the living room until he could finish the ceiling and paint the drywall. He worked every night and weekends until the work was finished, we ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a month. Anna loved it, a bed in front of the big TV and she could jump off the couch onto the bed- she was in heaven. We were happy to have a bedroom again.

All the while I was tinkering with getting the details of my room just right. Making it beautiful, functional and organised. Finding a balance for Anna & I and the two tables facing each other worked perfect. She had her own space and so did I. It has allowed me to work during the day when waiting for night isn't possible and most importantly it allowed me to work more efficiently. 

I am quite excited to finally share it with you... there are lots of photos.... be warned. 

The view from the doorway. I can't lie, sometimes I stop, take it all in and let out a sigh of gratefulness.

Boxes for storage are mostly from Ikea, the large ones with handles are from Superstore and the photo boxes from Michael's. 
Shelves: Ikea, painted white.

Storage that is both pretty and functional. 
- Thrifted muffin tins and pickle dishes for storing little details. 
- Plant pots, wine glasses & vases make great storage units! 
- I filled my plant pots with popcorn to hold everything in place.
- I went to Lowes and asked for paint sticks, came home and wrapped my twine around them and paint      brushes I never use.

Art that makes me happy.

More plant pots for tape.
When my Grandpa Wolansky past away my Grandma let us take things that belonged to him, I took this old lamp that was in his work shed. 13 years later it still smells like the old shed.

Embroidery thread holder turned brad organiser.
Wire basket from Superstore.

Paper racks are from Treasured Memories

Ribbon: I confess I have a slight addiction to pretty ribbon and it took me two days to organise it all.
I sorted it all by colour, put it into plastic lunch baggies and then took those baggies and put them into large bags and wrote the colours that each bag held.

Christmas lights simply draped over my curtain rod, they add such a wonderful energy to the space.

Top two photos: kitchen baskets turned into stamp, ink, mini book storage.
Bottom two photos: a jar full of vintage buttons from my Grandma and a basket from the dollar store for holding stamps. 

I collect heart share rocks, you can find them throughout the entire house.

I keep my sewing machine out all the time so that I can use it whenever I need to and not have to go to the hassle of digging it out. The chair is from an antique store and you can find them throughout the house... I just love old chairs! :)

Anna & my work spaces.

This wall is full of inspiration.
The curtain rod is from Ikea and shows off some of my favourite layouts.

I tape notes, pictures and inspiration all with Washi tape. These are all notes for Project Life because someday... someday I will find my way back to it.
The birds on a wire where a gift and hold more of my favourite layouts and photos.

This wire basket sits right beside me as I work and contains all of my favourite embellishments and alphas.
A jar of Washi = happiness. 

There you have it, my happy place. I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Cory for being so fabulous! For making us a new bedroom so I could have all this. You Mister are pretty damn AMAZING!


Candace said...

WOW. I am in love with your happy, creative space and I love that I can see pieces of me in there!! Pretty sure you need an 8x10 framed pic of me somewhere though :) Cory is an amazing pern, not many hubbys would have done that! I know mine wouldn't. Love all your bits and awesomeness and totally choked up about the lantern (I have a thing for Grandpas)xoxo

Candace said...

pern lol person. whatever. He rocks.

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

I freaked out in my space last night. I can't find ANYTHING! And I hate the way it makes me feel. You have added the cherry on the top of my inspiration to DO SOMETHING about it. thanks friend.

Jen said...

Love your room Nadine! I hope that my office/scrap disaster can someday grow up to be as wonderful (and as organized!) as yours :)