Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello June

My one little word for the year is choose but last month and moving into June the word that keeps popping up in text, dreams and random everyday encounters has been gratitude. Gratitude for all the good stuff and yes, even the hard stuff. When I focus on starting and ending my day with gratitude I feel better, I enjoy my day more, I can find a way around the troubles of the day and I find more appreciation for the small things.

I will be letting gratitude guide my days for June and most likely the rest of the year. Gratitude is a daily practise for me and sometimes it can be hard to see the things to be grateful for but I think we all need a little more of it in our lives, I also know it will be worth it.

You can join me if you want, if you'd like you can share with me what you're grateful for. Start a gratitude journal, a list on the fridge, a piece of scrap paper, anything will do. Keep a notepad beside your bed and write one thing or twenty things at the end of your day that you're grateful for. For me I have a piece of scrap paper that I am jotting notes on, I will eventually put my daily list(s) in a more permanent location, I just haven't decided where. I also want to get Cory & Anna involved so I am thinking of a large list on our fridge or a wall. If you're struggling on a hard day, think about the birds singing outside, the sun that shines through your window, the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee, the smell in the air after in rains- the simple yet wonderful things often go unnoticed. Stop, take a breath and use all your senses- you might be surprised by what you find. The best part is that you can just start- any time, any day- just start! Even better- there are no rules and no guidelines!

So far today I am grateful for Advil cold and sinus, without it I don't think I could get off the couch to type this post. I am grateful that you're here to read what I have to say. I am grateful that I work from home and can stay in my sweats all day and nurse my cold. I am grateful that Anna tells her Daddy to "be safe" when he walks out the door to work.

What are you grateful for?


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for hugs at the door, and the most amazing little family in the world.


Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for you. I love your gorgeous heart. I love your handsome husband and gorgeous little girl. I love how you make my soul smile.

Sweet and Silly

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

I am grateful for digging in the dirt, summer rainstorms, unpacking after a relaxing vacation, helping with homework, and kisses on the lips from my little Dude.