Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Around Here

Photo booth fun on Father's Day. 
Anna wasn't sure why all three of us were squishing onto a box but she figured it out pretty fast.

These two love their Farmer's Market Kettle Corn. 
The bag is as big as she is.
ps. Cory you're so sexy! (sorry everyone else)

Sunday cuddles. 
It's not very often that she chooses to cuddle with me when Daddy's on 
the couch too so I was enjoying this moment immensely!

Happy Father's Day!
We. Love. You.

Spent all day Saturday with these three beautiful, amazingly talented women at Tedx Edmonton.
I am still going over all the ideas, inspiration and thoughts from Saturday.
 I hope to share this experience with you soon.

Anna hit up her first garage sale. She was fairly reluctant to go into a stranger's garage and had lots of questions. She was pretty excited to buy some toys from this sweet lady!

We had out last day of Mumbo Jumbo (actually called Small Fries but I like Mumbo Jumbo better).
There was lots of crafting, a fun story and a huge good bye picnic. Fun. Fun.

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

TEDx was a blast that's for sure! Where did you find the photobooth? I'm glad you got some snuggles.