Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hello May

April was a blur and if I'm honest so was February & March. The first half of April was full of fun and excitement and the last half was spent playing catch up from all that fun & excitement. I am finding it harder & harder to just sit back and enjoy my time and that is very frustrating.  I just have too much going on in my head and too many ideas that are bouncing around in there all willy nilly and never make it out into reality. I look back at my small goals from each month and am frustrated with myself that I didn't do as well as I feel I should have which is exactly the opposite of what I hope to accomplish by setting these goals. I do however realize that instead of those particular goals I list at the beginning of each month I did other things. Things that I didn't write about, had visits with people that I didn't write about & made layouts and projects that I didn't post about. I know that I didn't sit around for months like a bump on a log yet I am still full of frustration... which is frustrating. Sounds like I may be caught up in a frustration cycle? ;)
This month I am going to go small and focus on things that mean the most to me.

In May I choose to:
- Go on two dates with Cory (KC are you reading this... I need a sitter)
- Celebrate my Grandma Wolansky's 85th birthday
- Get pampered for Mother's Day - Cory are you reading this ;)
- Park dates with Anna
- Plant our garden... so excited!
- Be grateful

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

This is a lovely list! I don't even worry about completing my FOUR GOALS anymore (speaking of which, I need to do some for May!). I like to think they "set the tone" for the month, and if they get done then GREAT! And if not, well, I won't beat myself up about it because chances are I did a bunch of other cool stuff anyway!

Mother's Day! I have been sending Russel shopping lists, and I keep reminding Lucas so they better not drop the ball this year...wink.

Kc Benson said...

LoL, I love that you specifically make points at me and Cory in this post. On that note just don't choose a Tuesday or Thursday and your good for a sitter :)