Monday, 27 May 2013

Forty to 40: a celebration

As some of you may remember, Cory turned 40 on April 2 and if you follow my Instagram feed you may also remember that I was doing something I called Forty to 40. Forty to 40 was an idea I had to celebrate 40 things that I love about Cory leading up to his fortieth birthday. Everyday I printed a reason that I loved him, or what I loved about him on a tag and gave it to him. Some of those tags were accompanied with a little treat but the majority of them were just the tags. It was always a treat for me to see him get excited for his daily tag. After 39 days I took all the tags, added in a few photos and turned then all into a mini book with the fortieth tag finishing off the book. I just love how it turned out, it was a fun way to celebrate him and let him know how valuable he is to Anna & I. 

These photos show how I began this project and a couple examples of the daily tags. 

Forty days to 40.
Forty things that make you you & Forty of the reasons I love you.

Day 1: You are a comic aficionado. I gave him a Wolverine Pez dispenser to accompany that tag. 

Day 24: You sold your comic collection to help someone you cared about. I don't know that I'd of done the same thing. I wish all the time that I could get them back for you. For this tag I purchased online versions of a couple comics he had owned. They were Volume 1: Edition 1 of his favourites. (Online issues are available and are drastically cheaper and give people who can't afford the real deal a chance to read them)

 The finished book. I kept it really simple. I stacked the tags, added in some photos that where adhered to scraps of pattern paper or vellum, a couple of the coupons I gave, punched 2 holes through each piece and then bound it with binder rings.  

A few pictures from inside the book. 

Here you can see I included some photos that went with the tags. I also wrote out coupons to go with a few of them. This particular coupon is for "one time out of your choice".

Day 35: Momma: Anna, why do you love Daddy?
Anna: He is happy.
Anna: He makes pancakes.

More photos from inside.

This project was rewarding for both of us. Him on the receiving end of all this love and for me it was a wonderful way to show him that there are so many little things that matter. So many little things that make him him and so very lovable and cherished. 


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

This is lovely! Super special that Anna signed the last page. This is definitely a keepsake forever!

Anonymous said...

He's a lucky man Nadine! What a beautiful keepsake, and I'm sure you made him feel so cherished.

Nancy Peacock