Friday, 26 April 2013

A Mind-Body Makeover

I wondered through the book section of Costco last Sunday and this book jumped out at me..."hmm, what is Yogalosophy?" I did not know who Mandy Ingber was but I do like Jennifer Aniston so I picked it up. I flipped thourgh a few pages and decided I liked it. I liked the idea. I liked her writing. I have been looking for something different and a little challenging that will help with body, mind and overall health. Into the cart it went.                           

Mandy Ingber is a fitness and wellness expert with over 16 years of experience and training. What jumped out at me was her philosophy- “Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.” 

Yogalosophy is a 28 day program (28 days for a basis because they say that it takes 28 days to break a habit- although I am not too sure who they are, I have heard this before), for any fitness level, that incorporates a yoga workout, 3 choices of diet programs, setting daily intentions, goal setting (not just fitness), journalling  keeping a gratitude list, daily recipes, playlists, creating vision boards and so much more. Basically, this book is right up my alley!

Of the 3 diets that she outlines in the book I chose to follow a vegan diet for the next 28 days. I chose this because I felt it wasn't such a stretch for me, seeing that I already don't eat meat. I think I may have been a little over zealous.

How am I doing? Today is day 5 and it's going good. What I can tell you:

- I am surprised at how much stuff either has milk/milk products &/or egg in them. 
- I really like that it just isn't a workout book but a body & mind book
- The program is  "no alcohol" and Wednesday night was a glass of wine kind of night 
- How on earth do vegans eat out? There is nothing to choose from! (or so I seem to think)
- I have missed a day of yoga, no time although I did go for a walk with Anna that day
- Fitting this into my already "full" schedule is tricky and I know I will find some days much more challenging than others, especially the days I work nights.  
- I am really hoping that cutting out dairy will help with some skin "issues" I have
- I will not let this stress me out, if I miss a day I will pick back up the next day
- I am extremely determined to follow the vegan diet for the 28 days as I have wanted to do this for some time
- I bought Veganaise (mayo substitute) and I love it. I was super reluctant for this as I have a slight mayo addiction
- Do not go on Pinterest if you're trying out a Vegan diet, everything people post has cheese on it ;)

I'll keep you updated with my progress... namaste.

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

This sounds really interesting. I can't wait to see how you feel about it at the end of this week!