Friday, 21 December 2012

Project Life: a recap

I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on Project Life. It occurs to me though that many of you may not know what it is that I'm talking about so here is a link that will explain PL to you.

What I know for sure:

  • I have 3 months to complete before 2012 is finished. July, August & October.
  • I will be starting fresh in 2013 and all my supplies arrived last week.
  • I am not worried one bit that I am behind, I know I will finish.
  • I can not believe how many little things I have forgotten about through this past year but get to be reminded of when look through my book.
  • My 2012 Project Life fits into 2 albums.
  • Anna has changed so much, it brings joy and sadness for how quickly she's grown.
  • Keeping up was so flippin' hard! 
  • I did not take a photo a day, I did my 2 page spread by the week, from Sunday to Saturday.
  • I did not keep enough notes, I believe notes are one of the most important parts of all this. All the little things that happen that are important but easily forgotten with the hustle & bustle of life. Like the day in August when Anna told me she loved me. Or after a really bad day in April when she said Momma for the first time. Or the day she pretended for the first time and all I could do was stare at her in amazement because she was copying what she had seen me do 100 times. Or the amazing date weekend Cory & I had in May.
  • I thought I was organized but figuring how I was going to print my pictures each week was irritating. I now know I need a better plan.
  • Printing at home would be ideal but it costs more money, I don't have a quality printer for my pc and I can't print all the sizes I want on my Selphy.
  • You do not need the supplies from Becky Higgins to do this project but I really like them and did find it easier than trying to put together product myself. Plus, there is a Canadian supplier, you don't have to pay outrageous shipping and it arrives within 2 days of ordering (it did for me at least).
  • I found it hard to not compare myself to the Project Life design team's spreads and the additions they incorporated into theirs. Lot's of "mine isn't nice enough" & "why can't I think of that" & "how am I ever going to keep up". 
  • It took months to get over the above but once I realized that none of that mattered it allowed me to see just how beautiful and precious my pages are.
  • I am so excited to start 2013.
  • All the time and energy that I gave to Project Life 2012 was so totally worth it when I look back though my pages.
  • You do not need to be crafty or a scrapbooker to do this project. You need a notebook and camera.
  • I love this project!!!! I just freakin' love it!
What I'm trying to figure out:
  • How to simplify my process. 
  • How I can take better/more notes.
  • Is having only one album realistic for me? 
  • How I am going to realistically get my photos printed off so that I can get them into my book.
  • How much time I am going to allow myself each week to work on this project so that my other life lines don't suffer. ie) time with Cory & Anna, scrapbooking, reading, crafting... and any other happy project I embark on in the new year.
  • How I am going to choose to just let it happen. If I get behind... like really behind, how will I stop those terrible voices in my head that talk shit about me. 
  • If I'm going to share my pages here. Is it too much extra work for me? Do my readers care / want to see those pages? Do you?
Some final thoughts, this is not a competition. No one is keeping track, no one is grading your pages, you won't get an award for most outstanding 2 page spread, or first to finish the year. There are no fails. All that matters is that you try. 
I promise it will be worth it! 


Veronica said...

Do the PL page protectors fit in an American Crafts 12x12 album?

Anonymous said...

Okay - see here's the thing.I bought the PL binder last didn't arrive until July (the full order as it was backordered) so I decided to wait until summer to do it.
Then it became too busy in summer and then fall and then now I have looked at it and think okay I can start in January. Reading your notes here I'm wondering if maybe it's a better idea to do a month or 2 weeks at a time rather than each week? I know for sure I won't keep up...thoughtS?


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

I love this post!! I have so many comments and thoughts and praises and high fives to add!

A lot of the "problems" you had were the same ones as I was struggling with, which leads me to believe that every "Project Lifer" feels the same way. Keeping up, staying organized, and not letting it take over your life!

I love looking at your "layouts"!

Nadine Karen said...

I think that a month at a time is too long to leave it... Comong from a girl who is behind that far. I think every two weeks is real. I have also thought about going that route in regards to printing my photos. Keep notes on going and print at an outside source every two weeks. We'll see what I decide.
As for you.... Just start. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Yup, I'm another PLer who feels the same. Instead of stressing about a pic a day in 2013 I'm going to do month headings and just add my favorite pics from the month, updating it regularly. That's the plan anyway lol. Happy new year !

Ginger said...

Loved reading this post Nadine :) I actually like seeing your project life posts and hope you continue to share even if it's a layout here or there. For me I have found they consumed my blog last year so I've decided not to share on my blog, at least not right now :)