Saturday, 1 December 2012

new month, new goals

December Goals

- go to the gym!!! work in progress
- keep doing yoga in the morning work in progress
-Make a Cat in the Hat quilt
- go on two date nights (I realize I never when on even one in November but...)
- Christmas Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Christmas Crafts
- Make nuts & bolts
- complete 10 weeks of Project Life 8 down
- Mail out our cards
- Send out 3 fun mail two thumbs down
- more scrapbooking for me
- submit layouts
- light candles and relax work in progress
- make a snow angel
- visit the Legislature grounds
- Christmas baking bought all the ingrediants for cookies and never got to them
- pictures with Santa
- write a letter to Santa nope
- order my 2013 Project Life pages
- venture out to 2 city holiday sites
- ornament bomb a tree in the park sadly not completed
- give away 3 random acts of kindness work in progress 
- make a holiday calendar
- enjoy this amazing season

November Goals & updates found in this post.


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Sweet sweet list! Especially love the ornament- bomb a tree and visit the Ledge! The dome is being repaired right now and has a giant white tarp on it. When the fog comes in, it looks like the building just sort of disappears in to the air!

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

I kind of copied your post! It's just too awesome! Mine goes live on Friday...and I totally gave you props!