Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Around Here

I am in full on Christmas creating mode right now and it's good. It does mean though that my head is often not at home. I try really hard to "be here" when I'm with Anna so that means little trips to Chapters, lunch picnics and crafting to let her know I'm not all work and no play.
Here's what it looks like around here.

Hanging out in Chapters.
 The kids area has a train track- I can drink a latte while Anna plays.

Trying really hard to get to the gym. 
5:30am comes fast when you go to bed at midnight.
Trying to go to bed earlier.

Cozy meals. 

Hannah is 13 years old and has a patience with Anna like nothing I ever expected.

Painting. Lots of painting.

Daddy & Anna dates. 
They bought a new goldfish.
This is Simon.

Now if only I could get Anna to have one.

Time outs.
Lots of time outs!

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