Sunday, 3 January 2010

One Little Word

I chose reinvent as my focus word for 2010. I was blog hopping this past week and stumbled across this quote on Lindsay's blog which on that particular day felt like it was written for me and completely fit with my one little word...

"Somewhere along the line I realized that there is a difference between who I've been and who I'm supposed to be. I don't even know who or what exactly I'm supposed to be...but I know who I'm not supposed to be, and that's who I have been. So I go forth: Growing, changing, aspiring, and learning in hopes that when I am called to be who I'm supposed to be, I can stand up and strongly say 'I am ready.'" -Unknown

I am using this word to inspire me & to drive me. To reinvent myself, my attitudes about myself and others, to reinvent my perspective. To move my life in the direction I want it to go instead of simply going through the motions. To be present. I prefer not to use the word "resolutions", which I feel packs such negative energy, I choose instead to find my focus for the year. What do I want to focus on to move me towards that "reinvention". I made lists for myself, for my work, for my relationship with Cory. A few that I'm focusing on this year-

-having a healthy, fit lifestyle
-clean eating- discover here or here (which I’ve been trying out now for about a year but really have gotten serious about in the last 2 months- not an easy feat over the holidays but it truley does make me feel so much better)
-going organic where we can (wow, do friuts & veggies ever taste better)
-read minimum 1 book a month
-try a new recipe once/week (I've tried 3 already, so yummy)
-discovering my personal style (which I see is something many people are working on)
-try something for the first time once/month
-stop caring what other people think about me, or what I think they think about me

Those are just a few of the steps towards "reinvent", the list goes on and it makes me feel excited & inspired for this year. I want so much from myself, I want to look back at this year with a full heart! Happy New Years Friends!

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Caro said...

Does this mean you'll try book club with me?? xo ;)