Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fight or Flight

Picture it.
Me, sitting on the couch curled up reading Have a Little Faith in my Lou Lou's, hoodie and socks with clouds on them. Not a threatening picture. I hear rustling outside my door, weird, it couldn't be Cory home from MMA yet, the cats don't like it either. I get up and look out the peek hole, not Lorne (my neighbor), no one there. I open the door a crack and peek out. What the? My heart rug and vase with willows are gone. I am pissed. I love that rug. I drop my book, leave the door open and run up the stairs. There is someone there, trying to gather up all her "new" finds. I run at the door, she hears me and runs. I yell at her, she drops the vase (it's awkward, full of willows for God's sake) I keep chasing her. I grab at her, getting her hood, she pulls, it rips off. I keep at her. She stumbles into a parked car. I push her into the car yelling at her to give me my stuff back. She's rambling about something. High, she's high. Most likely meth. All she can think to do is search in her purse for smokes. I am still yelling at her. I grab my stuff and some other persons rugs. (yes people, she had an arm full of rugs) She has an orange cap on, I knock it off, take a good look at her and yell- "Now I Know What You Look Like". I let her go and tell her to get out of here, don't come back, that I'll be watching for her. I come back in to the building gathering up all the stuff, three rugs, a fire extinguisher and my vase w/willows, knock on Lorne's door just to be sure I'm not alone. He tells me to take my socks off cuz they're soaked. I look down and realize that yes, they're covered in snow. I come in the apartment, heart pounding a thousand beats a minute. Like it's going to come out of my chest. I take a deep breath & lock the door.
I am not weak. I am strong. I will not be taken advantage of and I will always stand up for what I believe is right & just. Always.
After getting in "trouble" by more than a few of you I thought I should make a little side note. I would most defiantly not recommend doing what I did. Yes, my safety far out weighs my love for those material possessions. But at the end of the day it had nothing to do with a rug or a vase or anything else. It had to do with the fact that I was being disrespected. That I was being taken advantage of. That I work hard to have the things I have. That I save my money to buy the things I want . That I get up every morning and go to work to have those things. I didn't once think about myself while everything was happening. All I thought about was "Oh no you don't!" Would I have made a different choice had it been a man? I think most defiantly! Would I do the same thing if somthing like that ever happened to me again? I don't know. All I do know for sure is that I trust my instincts, they have never gotten me in trouble before. As for the lady who caused all this, she lives in the building across the street, the office suspected her and I do believe she's been dealt with. I did however move my fabulous heart rug inside ;-)... just incase.


Kara said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! I can hardly believe that happened! I am so proud-I love you lady;) I am the fight person too...ever told you about the time I got my bike stolen?
Maybe next time though for your own safety be more careful you are much more important then some willows and a rug.

BIG HUGS***kara

Anam_Kihaku said...


i'm with Kara on this - i'm a fight person too but i also have to keep in mind there is only 1 of me ever.

Nadine Karen said...

Yes Kara. You told me how you jumped into a strangers car and had him chase down the guy that stole your bike. LOL. Talk about being more cautious!
I'm with all of you on the "be more careful" but as we all know, it didn't even cross my mind. Not for once. Maybe because she was smaller than me? I don't know. My instincts took over and "me" never even came up. Perhaps because the Universe knew I was in no immediate danger? However when I went to sleep last night, all of the "could haves" ran through my mind and I couldn't sleep. That's when I wished I was flight, not fight.

Chantel said...

I am a "flight"er for sure! I wish I could be more like you, but that girl probably would have kicked my butt if I tried anything! :) This story was a GREAT start to my day, you live a very exciting life!

FormerlyLisaS said...

wow! that's a crazy story!

Anonymous said...

Man are u crazy ! U shouldn't mess with crazy drug people - 4 a rug ! u could of been hurt ! U can replace the rug but we can replace u ! now, stop messing with crazy people - u crazy lady !
take care

Kate said...

Where on earth do you live?!? I thought our last place was crazy...

Way to go!

Star Rork said...

omg, what a crazy story. glad it had a "good" ending!