Monday, 21 December 2009

Good Times

Last night was the Christmas get together for all the gals at Treasured Memories. It was a lot fun and I actually got some stuff done... for myself! Whoo Hoo Nadine. I have become very close to Chantel & KC in the last four months and am always overwhelmed with their generosity. I now see that they come by it honestly as their mom Laurie is equally as fabulous (wait till you see my new scarf- which I haven't taken off). Thank you ladies for having me be part of your team, it truly means the world to me. {xo}
Laurie made all of us a scarf- shut the front door! So FaBuLouS!
I am clearly excited about my new scarf!

This next picture is of Cory's and mine attempt at making a Gingerbread House. We QUIT! Stupid thing fell apart in like 15 minutes, just like last year! We took an oath to never attempt one again! Grrr.

Last Tuesday I went to a potluck at Treasured Memories, organized by the Tuesday regulars (hello ladies) and enjoyed some very yummy eats!

Chantel is very excited about her punch.

I went and hung out with Jenice & Leah on Friday. It is amazing how much she changes every time I go to see her. I gave her books for Christmas and she thinks they taste awesome! She is so freakin' cute!
This will be my last post until after the holidays, which start for me on Wednesday. 2 more sleeps... yeah! I love good food and presents but I of course have a few (like 20) things that need to be completed so I'm off to do some holiday baking.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas Friends!
ps. KC- I drank my coffee this morning out of my new mug and it was lovely! Thanks again!


Jenice said...

Thanks for coming to visit on Friday!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I liked your gingerbread house and the fact that the roof fell off just makes it easier to eat. You do t have to be like

"oh, it's to pretty and took so long to make I don't want to eat it yet. Let's just admire it alittle longer"

and then when you finally decide to eat it it's stale and so not worth it. Really it's for the best that this happened :)