Saturday, 20 June 2009


This was our spare room and my scraproom up until 2 weeks ago. I got rid of the bed, bought a new desk and started moving and organizing. I felt rejuvenated as I was doing all this, finally finding a little motivation in and amongst all my junk. And let me tell you friends, there was so much crap. I made numerous trips to Good Will and the dumpster.
I have been super busy since working on pages for a client I scrapbook for. In less than a week I have made over 45 12x12 layouts.... whoa! Now that I'm in the groove I should soon have some pages of my own to share.
Have a great weekend friends, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful weather.
ps. not sure why all the pics are wonky, they were fine before I posted.


Kelly said...

This post is motivating, I think maybe tomorrow will be my reorganize day, while I make cupcakes for fathers day:)

FormerlyLisaS said...

your room looks great! very motivating, but I think my "room" is in the worse state it's ever been in!! I might need a week or two to get things all in order!