Monday, 16 February 2009

I {heart} Long Weekends
Good Morning! There is something so wonderful about having Monday off! I love Mondays to begin with but when I have one off for a long weekend I am oozing with happiness. I hope all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, we had a double date with my girl Carrie and her husband Darren at The King & I. A super delicious Thai restaurant on Whyte Ave, I ate so much I think I slipped into a food coma later that night. Yesterday was a lazy day but I did get this FABULOUS skull painted and up in my scrap room. Riff Raff gave each of us girls one of their shapes blown up! out of MDF (i think) for Christmas, I got the skull and think she is so freakin' cute!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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FormerlyLisaS said...

I still haven't done anything with my big frame yet. Your skull is super cute!

I also love long's an extra day with Russel! We took Lucas skating for the first time! And he absolutely LOVED it!