Thursday, 26 February 2009

I am officially an addict!

To what you ask?


I realize that I am not on the band wagon with everyone else that read it when it came out but I am there none the less! I had Monday off, I started the book in the am and read for about 6 hours straight! No eating, no talking, no nothing- just reading! I am obsessed! Not only that but I am soooo in love with Edward! No seriously! I need help, I am in love with a fictional character! I finished the book and headed straight to the cheap theater and watched the movie- further driving my obsession! I immediately started the second book and finished it in about the same time. I have barely eaten, I read on my lunch break, do I clean my house- forget it! I am now about to start #3.... sigh! I love the story, I love the characters and I love vampires. I have always loved vampires so when they're as fine as Edward Cullen I'm even more hooked! I'm sure I'll have all 4 read by Sunday night!

Now Cory laughs at me and says I'm crazy........ I imagine he's a vampire and his comments become okay! Ha Ha Ha!
Love you Cory!


Veronica said...

I too loved the first book. I admit it went down hill from there. I barely made it through the 4th book. But I too did love E in book one. Haven't seen the movie yet. Maybe I'll rent it when it comes out. Glad you are enjoying the books!

Charlie's Angel said...

Yeah....Edward is definitely some yummy man/boy candy :) Loved the first book as well, second started good - didn't like the middle as much - liked it again at the end. I'm going to have to get 3 and 4 from the library or borrow them from someone *hint hint* Dine or V ;) I'm too cheap to buy hardcover and it would bug me too much not to have all the books the same know it's true.
Anyway, love ya, talk soon!