Monday, 8 December 2008

What I've Been Up To

Saturday was our staff Christmas party at the Edmonton Golf & Country Club. Good food, good company... too much vino tinto!!!
The ladies from my office.

My newest art & my 30th birthday present to myself. I've had it for almost a month and absolutley love it!

I look a little dopey eyed but this is us before we went out to Yiannis for dinner on Friday. Friday was our first date 2 years ago, a good number of people made fun that we celebate that... I chalk it up to the green eyed monster. Our first date was perfect and it was that day that felt like I had known him my whole life.

The flowers he had delivered to work.... so beautiful!

He also bought me a necklace, which was totally unexpected at this time of year! I'll be honest... I'm a little spoiled!

Our new Christmas tree! It's so huge and full compared to my Charlie Brown tree from years before. After Cory saw it last year he made me promise him that we could get a new one this year. How come he can't remember what I asked him to do yesterday but can remember what I "promised" a year ago???? I'm on to him!

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Veronica said...

Looks like you've been having fun! Love your butterfly!