Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kitty needs a new home!!!!

I am putting the word out to the universe that I am trying to help a kitten find a new home. A new loving home! I am a cat girl but our home just isn't big enough for another one! She was abandoned by our place, has no tattoo and no chip (that I can find). We took her in but our own babies don't "care" for her too much, although she has taken quite a liking to Hannah.
If any of you want a new addition to your family or know anyone who does please let me know. Leave me a comment or email me @ We figure she's 6-9 months old and she's white & grey. If my home computer worked I'd post a picture but I had to come into work today to use the computer! That's a whole other issue for me right now but c'est la vie! Even if you can't help out please put it out to the universe that I need help finding her a new home.
Thanks a Bunch!

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Veronica said...

I hope you find her a good home! Poor kitty.