Monday, 13 October 2008


Thanksgiving, a time to reflect and remember what we are grateful for. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be blessed with a wonderful life. I'm not perfect, I gripe like the rest of the world but at the end of the day I can say I am happy and I love my life.
I have my health and a body that works the way it was meant to. I have an amazing family and a wonderful husband who is kind, compassionate and loves me unconditionally. I have a circle of friends that I would be lost without! A job that not only pays my bills but allows me to have luxuries that others can not & lets not forget that I work with a great group of people! I have a hobby that inspires me and inspires others. I have food on the table, I never worry about how I am going to get my next meal. I have a home that I love, I might not own it but I love it just the same. I honestly could go on and on but I'll leave this post asking you this question:
What are you grateful for? Take some time to think about it, really think about it and you might be surprised and a little embarrassed to discover that your life is actually really quite wonderful!
Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

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