Sunday, 15 June 2008

My BPS classes

I took 2 classes @ Big Picture Scrapbooking: Choosing Joy & Becoming More. These classes were wonderful, they make you open up (to yourself) and think about your actions, you are choosing the life that you are leading. They helped me work out things that had been weighing on my shoulders and they were incredibly motivating. Both classes were taught by Kolette Hall with appearances by her husband Jason- one of the most inspiring people I have ever heard from! If they run these again I highly recommend both!
The albums:Pages from Choosing Joy:
We had to write a list of 100 things we were grateful for... it was hard, try it, you'll be surprised!

Pages from Becoming More:
I had to create a layout showing the things that are of great value to me.

A layout showing my safe place.I had to make a list of my favorite things and create a layout of one of them using a picture as my page.I had to write my goals for: 1 day, week, month, year, 5 years & 10 years and this the layout that followed my list.


Jill Williams said...

wow! beautiful nadine-- i also love the picture of you and croy kissing-- is that creepy? gave me some goose bumps.

Lisa said...

those are amazing layouts...and an amazing concept!