Friday, 31 January 2014


(layout created to celebrate my one little word using the January month kit from Treasured Memories)

January brought a lot of fear. A lot of anxiety. When I chose the word Brave to lead me through 2014, my dad in the hospital was not what I had in mind. In fact I didn't feel very brave at all. I then remembered a quote from Brene Brown- "You can't get to courage without walking through vulnerability." Never before have I felt vulnerability like I did in those few weeks. Still it creeps in and I talk myself through those feelings. My dad is at home and recovering very well. I would like to thank all my friends and readers who sent their prayers and their well wishes to me and to my family. Who still pop by through email and texts to check in. They helped/help greatly, like arms reaching around and offering hugs. You're all so very special to me.

While January was hard, it also brought a lot of really great things and it is important to talk about those here too. To focus on the wonderful & light and not the dark. Anna started dance and it makes my heart swoon every time I see her get excited about it. She also started gymnastics and we practice somersaults on the couch all the time. I got to see Pink perform live. I spent 2 weeks with my mom. My dad is well and at home. I spoke to my grandma's often. I became an auntie again to baby Morgan. I had my brother & his family over for dinner. I have been trying to catch sunsets. And I said I Love You A LOT.

I am grateful for lessons learned and for the love that has surrounded us this past month but I am ready to see what beautiful things February has to offer. As some of you may know... I love love.


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