Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Around Here

I have been taking every opportunity I can to get out of my head and breathe. With the mild March weather that looked like running or sitting on the step in the sun. My plate is overflowing right now and these little breaks help me to organize my thoughts and priorities. 

This past Saturday I taught my first card class since November 5, the night before my Dad past away. It feels like yesterday that I stayed late to talk to a friend about how great my Dad was doing only to wake up to him being gone forever. I had many friendly faces come to welcome me back and support me and I am so very grateful for them and their love.

We took Anna to see her first movie, Cinderella, on opening weekend. Anna said she loved it but it wasn't until the Fairy Godmother showed up with the magic did the movie interest her. Anna is 4 and I think this version of the story is a little too old. I however thought it was so well done, I absolutely loved it. The message of having courage and being kind was loud in the movie and I LOVED that. 

After the movie we headed to the mall to get Wetzel Pretzels (my favourite) and happened to run into the Easter Bunny. Anna was all over getting her photo taken. I secretly took a bunch when she was waiting to see him. If you're paying for their photo who cares if I take some too.... that's what I think.

I started up again with yoga at Prana Yoga Studio and am in a very happy place when I go. The movement. The breathing. The time alone. The focus. The quiet. Bliss.

Anna finished up dance for the winter and will start again mid April. I signed her up for Hip Hop and am I ever excited for that. ha ha. I am not too sure how she feels.
How fun will that be! Is this one of those "parents forcing their dreams onto their child" scenarios? 

My baby will be in Kindergarten in the fall. How did that happen! We went to the open house and met her lovely teacher, the assistant, the principal and toured the school. It was wonderful. Anna is excited and that makes me so happy.

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